Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mix complete! "A Typical Wednesday" ships today

Well, the day you've all waited for is here. The mix for all 13 tracks of the new Throttle Body m/c release is complete and it will be shipped to Tunecore today for distribution to iTunes worldwide, Amazon, Napster, IMVU, lala, Rhapsody and other outlets.

The final track list is:
  • A Typical Wednesday
  • Safe
  • Long Time
  • While I Was Gone
  • Girl
  • Love Is A Heavy Load
  • Woe Is Me
  • Hole In My Heart
  • Reminders Of You
  • Raindrops Falling Down
  • Falling Apart at the Seams
  • Mother's Eyes
  • Butterfly
It will probably take a few weeks to go live on all these sites, but the good news is that the wait is almost over!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There's a hole in my drum part

Well the mixing is moving right along - six songs in the can with both mono and stereo mixes available. I've even begun preparing the artwork for the release and as that moves ahead, I will be revising the website (throttlebodymc.com) as well.

After four days spent mixing the track, "Girl", I was looking forward to moving onto "Hole In My Heart" tonight. It's a really open, moody song, in the spirit of "Come Together" by The Beatles (newly remastered collection available today!), and after the mid-range density of the last track, I was looking for relief.

Unfortunately, there's a hole in "Hole". Somehow when Dan and I were tracking, I missed a burp in the drum track. See, the track is actually made up of three performances, as we found "best" sections for the front end, middle 8 and backend solos. It was put down in reverse, where we got the backend of the song done first, then the front end and finally the middle. Unfortunately I didn't notice the middle has a burp in it that I don't think I can heal digitally. After about 20 attempts tonight I stepped away from the mix. Tomorrow I'll look back through the various takes of the middle 8 (four in all) and see if one of them will do the job. If not, the drum track will need to be redone from scratch.

Not the best of nights for me...

FOLLOW UP - the track worked out! Everything is good and it will be included on the release.