Thursday, September 12, 2013

The lyric project - Once In Awhile

This song was a bit of a coming out of my shell post-divorce. I was actually starting to think about seeing other people, and had met a nice woman, who, though we would never date, was someone who began my redemption, so to speak. She was someone who loved, but was not ready of willing to make a commitment, and I like think, evidence to the contrary, that commitment is something I'm about. I was traveling a lot at the time, as the lyrics reference, and had a lot of empty hours to think of the days to come. I tried to think of them hopefully - waiting for love.

Once In Awhile

Once in awhile
Think of me
Once in awhile
When you're lonely

If you're ever in meed of a shoulder to cry on
If you're ever in need
I am here so try to believe

That love waits for those who wait for love
And try to wait for love

Once in awhile
I feel the need
Once in awhile
I get lonely

In a circle of friends
In the club where we meet
At 30,000 feet oh, you know
I feel the need

But love waits for those who wait for love
So I try to wait for love

Love waits forever
She don't have the time
Love tends the flames
When other things are on her mind
Love keeps the promise
Keeps it forever
But you can't learn
If you ever say no to love

All songs Copyright Jerry Hammack, used by permission, published by Really Real Music, BMI