Friday, August 23, 2013

The lyric project - Confusion

"Tears In Rain" was all about divorce - more therapy than anything. In that sense, the songs have a consistency: sadness, regret, self-hatred and yes, confusion. I didn't quite understand everything I was going through yet. But such is life: it's all clearer in the rear view mirror.


Time seems to flee
How am I going to be
What I want to be?

And everything seems like such a waste of time

I hardly remember her face
Oh I'm holding on to the love and the grace
When there's no home and I'm lost all alone
I call my love on the phone
When are you coming home?

I can't wait forever
I've been down too long
I spend half my life, so wasted and confused
I let love die
And I didn't do a thing about it

I hardly remember the day
I knew that you were going away
And those pictures still can make me cry
Where there once was a memory
Now I only see goodbye

Don't leave me alone
In confusion

All songs Copyright Jerry Hammack, used by permission, published by Really Real Music, BMI

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