Monday, August 26, 2013

The lyric project - Psalm

"Psalm", so called because of the "how long" phrase that repeats over and over - something you find in the Biblical psalms - though mine is a cry out to the one I hurt and loved. Well, at least part of it, because at the same time, I was actually starting to come out of my shell a little bit and there are a couple lines in there that talk about that hope I was beginning to feel that things would be alright in the long run.


How long
  before my heart's free?
  by the sin I let surround me
When I felt love
I was so happy
I felt the strength to go on
When I looked in your eyes
So warm and beautiful
I'm begging you please take me home

  everything I stood for
Forgiven by your love
Still I threw it all away
Take me back now
Help me do the right thing
I'm searching for the light
There's a star in the sky
And I see you there
And now I don't feel so alone

How long
  before my heart's free?
How long
  until you come and save me?
How long
  must I wander?
How long, my love
  until my heart
Is free?

All songs Copyright Jerry Hammack, used by permission, published by Really Real Music, BMI

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